Homeschool Catalogs – Five Practical Ways to Find Exactly What You Need For a Great Homeschool Year – Homeschooling

With so many homeschool catalogs to choose from, it’s hard to know what to look for and what to choose. Here are some tips that I use to find what I need without getting overwhelmed. One advantage of catalogs is that you can view them in the comfort of your own home. Take your time and don’t buy any more than what you think you will absolutely need.1. Fold down pages of the items you like and want to look at again.2. Circle items that are interesting to you that you might want to use for one of your children.3. Use a free planner (check the resources listed below) to help you know what to choose for your children. Basically you need to list each child and each subject. List what you are looking at for each child and each subject. After you have looked and prayed about your list, you can circle one or two items under each subject and focus on those for the year. The rest of the items on the lists can be the start of your list for next year.4. Get rid of catalogs that don’t appeal to you. There is no reason to keep a huge pile of homeschool catalogs that you don’t enjoy looking at. Keep your favorites and get rid of the rest.5. Remember that less is better. Just because you have 3 language curriculums, doesn’t mean your child will learn what they need to learn. Get just what you need and add more resources later if you find that you need to supplement what you are using. January is a good time reevaluate your year and purchase more materials if needed.Whether you use a packaged curriculum or choose your own books, you will probably be looking at a homeschool catalog at some point. Even the most veteran homeschool Mom can get overwhelmed with all the information and books available. Take a deep breath and take one child and one subject at a time. Feel free to use the same material for more than one child especially in Science and History.